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You would be very surprised at the huge range of stories behind the pieces that we make, each one very different. Some pieces are made to celebrate the happiest of times, maybe the birth of a new baby, a first Mother's Day or marking the day a child starts school. Other pieces are made to bring comfort in heartbreaking times such as a bereaved family following a loss or the passing of a much loved pet. We have captured prints taken from the tiniest of babies who were just too precious for this earth, to Great, Great Grandparents wishing to leave a family heirloom. We have worked with prints from rabbits, horses, guinea pigs and more... The most important thing is that each and every piece has its own story, its own meaning and will be loved for years to come. It's a real privilege to be able to make such pieces and whatever the story behind your piece, we can guarantee that it will be made with love and care. 


From necklaces to cufflinks, we have a wide range of designs suitable for everyone. Simply choose your design and customise from the options. If you require a printing kit to take the prints, simply tick the box when asked and one will be posted to you once we receive your order. You can pay using any payment card, paypal or take advantage of our interest free payment plan.


Once you have placed your order, you can then supply us with the prints via our Magic Print Uploader. Simply take a photograph of the prints on your mobile phone and follow the steps in the Uploader.


Once your prints have been uploaded, they are checked by our design team before beginning the process. Your finished piece will be delivered to your door beautifully presented and ready to love.



How do i order?

Ordering with SEVOLY is really easy, you can place your order on our website or by emailing the studio direct on . You can find more information on how to place your order under 'The Process' on our homepage.

Can I buy a longer chain?

All of our necklaces come with a 17,7” sterling silver belcher chain as standard but we are able to offer a range of longer chains at your request. If you would a longer chain (20, 24 or 27,5) please make a note in the configurator.

Do I need to have my prints or artwork ready before I place my order?

Not at all, you can supply your prints after you place your order using one of our Magic Print Kits, or provide a copy of prints that you already have. Simply take the prints and send it via mail to

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, you will. An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered on your order within 30 minutes of it being placed, please do check your junk or spam folder if it does not arrive in your inbox. We ask that you check your order information closely and contact us right away if there is anything you would like to change.

Can I change my order once it has been placed?

As long as your order has not entered production, our customer service team would be happy to help you make any necessary changes. If you do need to change anything on your order, we would recommend contacting us as soon as possible, before your prints are returned, to ensure we are able to do so.


Are my children too old or too big to take prints?

No, we can use hand, foot and paw prints from any one of any age. All prints are miniaturised to fit on your chosen item of jewellery which means that no hand, foot or paw is too big.

Fingerprints develop at different ages and we find children under the age of 12 months tend not to have yet developed defined prints, therefore, we recommend fingerprint jewellery for children over the age of 12 months and adults.

Do you have any advice on how to take the best possible prints?

Your printing kit will come with full instructions and you can take a look at our how-to videos on the website for some more help. If you are struggling to take prints, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that a member of our team can help.

Can you use prints I already have?

Yes, we are often able to work with prints which you already have. When you place your order, simply select the option 'i have prints i want to use', which can be done for any piece of print jewellery. You can then submit your prints quickly and easily using our configurator.

If you would like us to check the prints first, please email a scanned copy or clear photo of the prints to us at and one of our dedicated designers will confirm the suitability and recommend which pieces we feel would work best for your print.

Can you use the same prints again if I re-order?

Of course, we love seeing happy customers return to us again and again. If we already hold prints on file for you, select the option ‘You already have my prints’ when ordering and enter your previous order number when asked, we can then get straight to work on your order without you having to retake the prints.

If the prints you would like to use have been supplied by somebody else, we may require them to give written permission for you to use the prints. For more information on this, please contact our customer service team.

How long will you keep a copy of my prints?

We aim to keep a digital copy of prints on file for 2 years, however, this is at the company's discretion and is not guaranteed. While we do return fingerprints with your finished order, we are unable to return hand, foot or paw prints and if you wish to keep these we would recommend supplying a digital copy only to our studio to be used on your jewellery.


What is the difference between Imprint and Engraved Jewellery and what type of finish can I expect?

Imprint Jewellery is created using a detailed process where the fingerprint, foot, paw or handprint from a loved one is impressed deep into the material and as a result of this, every piece will vary in shape and size slightly. The print is then oxidised, turning the print black and bringing out the true, unique detail. All of our pieces are put through a very careful and delicate finishing process to achieve a beautiful, shiny finish - but one that is never going to be 'flawless'. This in no way takes away from the beauty of our charms and you can expect a very high standard of finish. We recommend our Imprint jewellery for pieces which will have a lot of wear.

The Light collection Engraved Jewellery features the prints and text engraved onto the surface of the metal by machine, which brings out an off-white impression of your desired fingerprint, footprint, paw print or handprint and provides a more subtle look than the hand-crafted jewellery. The prints reflect the light so will appear white in sunlight and darker in shade. We recommend engraved jewellery for special occasion wear.

What type of prints can I use for my order?

Handprints, footprints and pawprints are interchangeable on the designs, however, if you wish to use a fingerprint but cannot see the design option available online, please, contact the studio and a member of the dedicated design team will confirm if we are able to fulfil your request.

Is your jewellery made using sterling silver?

Our Imprint jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver, so you can rest assured we use silver of the highest quality. For engraved products, the material used for each product is included in each product description.

Will my jewellery be hallmarked?

The majority of our sterling silver jewellery designs is hallmarked.

Can you create bespoke orders?

We love to hear from you with any bespoke design requests. Simply email the studio at with details of your specific design requirements and a member of the team will contact you to discuss further. Please be aware that bespoke designs can take a little longer to process and we ask to allow up to 14 days for the design to be confirmed usable before placing an order.


When will I receive my printing kit?

Printing kits (if selected) are dispatched within one working days from your order being placed and are dispatched via Deutsche Post.

Shipping takes 5-7 Days

What happens if my printing kit does not arrive?

If you do not receive your kit within 7 working days of it being dispatched from the studio, please let us know by writing us an Email to

Are you Magic Printing Kits safe?

Our inkless printing kits are from a supplier in the USA who also supplies all the maternity hospitals with these kits. They are designed for taking newborn handprints, as in the US this is used for identification purposes. We have been using these kits for over 6 years and never had any issues with skin irritation, but as with all solutions applied to the skin, there is a small chance of irritation so these wipes do have to hold warnings. We do spend a lot of time researching and testing all of our products and would never use anything that would harm any child, adult or pet.

How do I supply my artwork / supply my prints?

You can submit your hand, foot and paw prints and artwork or handwriting quickly and easily via Mail to, All we need is a clear photo and some order information which will be provided in your confirmation email. 

Will you let me know when my prints have been received?

If you have supplied your prints via Mail, we will contact you via email within 1-2 working days of receipt to confirm their suitability.

What happens if my prints don't work well?

If you think your prints have not worked well, don’t worry, you can email them to us at and a member of the design team will confirm the suitability of your prints.

Will my prints be cleaned up?

Our designers will remove any unwanted marks or smudges from around the artwork or prints. We highlight all Details of the Print.

Will I be supplied with a proof before my jewellery is created?

We do not supply proofs as standard, however, this is a service we can offer if requested. If you do wish for our design team to create a proof, please contact our team before you return your prints and be advised that this can add up to 5 working days onto the dispatch of your order.

Can I check the progress of my order?

We like to keep you updated on the progress of your order, so you will be notified at each stage of the process by email. If you are a registered customer, you can also check your order progress by logging into your account.

Can I cancel my order?

We would be sorry to see you go but if, for any reason, you did wish to cancel your order you are able to do so within the cooling off period of 7 days from your order being placed. However, this does not apply if we have already begun creating your order. If you have already used the printing kit supplied a charge will be applied for the kit and delivery, however, if you have not yet used the printing kit, you can return this in full at your own cost for a full refund.


How long does the process take from start to finish?

The dispatch service time for each product is listed on the individual product pages. For items requiring printing kits the turnaround time is based on when the studio receives your usable prints. For more information on the delivery options available, please visit our Delivery Information page.

Please note, any prints received more than 12 weeks after the order was placed may be subject to a fee if the product price has increased. If you return your prints more than 12 weeks after ordering, our fittings, chains, bracelets and other jewellery may be subject to a style change. If this is the case, a substitute style will be used.

Will you gift wrap my order?

Each piece of jewellery comes beautifully presented in either a Luxury Gift Box or Velvet Pouch at no extra cost to yourself.

Which delivery service do you use?

Unless otherwise stated, your finished order will be delivered by DHL on a next working day (Monday-Friday) courier service. You will be able to track your order with the tracking number emailed to you upon dispatch of your order. If a valid mobile number is provided at the time of ordering you will also receive SMS delivery notifications from DHL.

Which counties do you ship to?

We now offer international delivery worldwide

Do you have any further questions or would like us to check your print?

Fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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