Hack your sleep quality —
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Switch to Calmer's Cloud7 for total darkness, ensuring your deepest sleep and most rejuvenating naps. Gain an extra 14 hours of sleep per week and wake up to brighter, healthier, and more resilient days.

100% blackout

fall asleep faster

boosts rem and deep sleep

zero pressure on eyes

for unmatched comfort, in any position


Even a pinprick of light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leaving you feeling tired after waking. That's why Cloud7 is designed to perfectly cover and conform to your eyes, blocking out 100% of light, even during the brightest daylight.

Take your Zzz´s to the next level

Ideal for both power naps and deep sleep sessions, it allows complete relaxation for your mind and eyes. This revolutionary mask not only shields you from sleep-disrupting light but also cradles your eyes in ultimate comfort.


4 reasons you need cloud7 blackoutmask

To help you break through the Barriers of  sleep Deprivation, Low Energy and fatique.


1. Low Energy and Poor Mood

Lack of sleep can make your emotions feel like a rollercoaster. When you're well-rested, your brain is better at regulating these emotions, fostering a more positive, patient, and cheerful mood throughout the day.

2. Promotes Mental Overload

Our brains need sleep to process and make sense of the emotional experiences of the day. Quality sleep helps us detach from the day’s stresses, giving us a clearer, more balanced perspective when we wake up.

3. Feeling overwhelmed

Quality sleep naturally reduces stress levels, helps your body regulate stress hormones like cortisol, and promotes a relaxed state. This improved stress management supports a healthier emotional life.

4. Dealing with Depression

Consistent, quality sleep can significantly decrease the risk of depression. It helps maintain the balance of brain chemicals that influence your mood and emotions, leading to a happier, more stable state of mind.


4 reasons

you need cloud7 blackoutmask to help you break through the Barriers of  sleep Deprivation, Low Energy and fatique.

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